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Music Today is a one-stop platform for all your music needs. Music Today adopts a modern approach to learning and offers offline classes as well as online resources ranging from basic chord charts to videos of piano covers for quick and easy learning. Our mission is to share popular music, provide music knowledge and update our content regularly to offer a comprehensive learning environment for fellow music enthusiasts. 

MUSIC TODAY 是您所有音乐需求的一站式平台。MUSIC TODAY 采用了一种现代的学习方法,并提供了实体教学及在线资源,从基本的和弦图到弹奏钢琴歌曲的视频,方便快捷的学习。我们的使命是分享流行音乐,提供音乐知识,定期更新我们的内容,为音乐爱好者提供一个全面的学习环境。


We welcome all walks of life personage and unit from music colleges, music centres, musical instrument businesses, music teachers to contact us and establish a long-term cooperation partnership and sharing success!


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Thank you for your registration.  We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as our team works extra hard to keep up with increased demand during this unusual time. If you have any more questions or concerns, you can contact us through email. Thank you for your patience and regards.

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