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Terms and Conditions

Users should read the following terms and agree with the statement before accepting the MUSICTODAY service. If the user has any objection to any of the terms of the declaration, please stop using all services of this site.



Terms and Conditions 条款与条件


Songs, music score and learning contents are only provided for self-learning purposes, cannot be used for commercial purposes. 


Illegal commercial activities such as making contents, songs and music score into CD, books and photocopies for sale are strictly prohibited.



Refund Policy 退款政策

Not Refundable.  不退款。

Cancellation Policy 取消政策


You may cancel the subscription anytime in your Paypal account. If you wish to ask our person in charge to cancel it, kindly submit cancellation form on ( The cancellation process on our side may spend up to 5 working days, please aware of your PayPal automation recurring payment date to avoid next month subscription charge.


您可以随时在您的Paypal账户中取消订阅,或者您可以要求我们的负责人取消订阅,请到 ( 提交取消表格。我们取消过程可能会花费5个工作日,请注意您的PayPal自动化重复付款日期,以避免下个月的额外费用。

Teaching Methods 教学方针


MusicToday promotes a 'fast-track piano' tutorial that all your favourite music can learn in a very short time. MusicToday offers beginners music sheets, basic theory, Chords theory, song and chords design structure, etc. Easy / STD (Standard) music sheets are composed of Treble Clef & Bass Clef and Chords; Pop Piano VIP music sheets are composed of one-hand (treble clef) and chords.


MusicToday推广 ‘快速学成流行钢琴’ 教程,所有您喜爱的音乐都能在很短的时间内学习起来。MusicToday 提供初学者钢琴曲谱教材、基本乐理、基本和弦(Chords)理论、歌曲和旋设计结构等。简易/标准版琴谱由左右双手五线谱及和弦 (Chords) 编写; 流行钢琴琴谱由单手/右手及搭配上和弦合成。



Services Offer提供服务


1) Basic Theory 基本乐理

2) Songs & Chords Structures 歌曲和弦设计结构

3) Basic Chords Theory 基本和旋理论

4) Exclusive Subscription Content 独家订阅内容
5) *Transposition of Pieces 转换乐谱音调


*Only Available for Premium Members (仅供Premium 会员享有)



Copyright Statement 版权声明


1) MUSICTODAY website is an organization of online teaching. The content published on the website is created by the author and recommended by the users, only for members to learn and research music knowledge, original music and for self-learning purposes.


2) The purpose of providing the content on this website is to serve members. MUSIC TODAY does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of all information content, text, patterns and other items, only provides reference.

3) All songs and music sheets are copyrighted by the creator and the copyright owner.

4) MUSIC TODAY does not sell any music scores, and the content targeted with the payment is only used for online teaching services and exclusive subscription content (NOT purchasing the music scores).

5) MUSIC TODAY respects the intellectual property and legitimate rights and interests of the copyright party. Please contact us if the copyright party considers that music or music scores is infringed (

1) MUSICTODAY网站是一家网络教学的机构,本站所发布的内容均为作者提供或网友推荐收集整理而来,仅供爱好者学习和研究共享音乐知识、原创乐曲、原创乐谱及学习弹奏。

2) 本站所提供的内容目的是为了服务访问者,本站不保证所有讯息内容、文字、图案及其他项目的准确和完整性,仅供参照使用。

3) 所有的歌曲和曲谱版权属于创作者和版权者所有。

4) 本站不销售任何曲谱,其付费所针对的内容仅为网上教学服务及提供独家订阅内容 (而非购买曲谱)。


5) MUSICTODAY 尊重版权方的知识产权和合法权益,若版权方认为音乐或曲谱有侵权一事,请与我们联系(。

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